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Presseartikel, September 2021



Just Justice?! – Ganz einfach Gerechtigkeit?!

In 2021 and 2022 our ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) projects focus on justice and the significance of cultural practices and values, diversity and perspectives, social inclusion and political participation.

2021 und 2022 widmen sich unsere BNE (Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung)-Projekte dem Thema ‘Gerechtigkeit’ und der Bedeutung von kulturellen Praktiken und Werten, Vielfalt und Perspektiven sowie sozialer und politischer Teilhabe.

Project 1: Gender Equality and Gender Justice

(Bilingualer Sachfachunterricht/Bilingual Studies, Year 9)





Gender equality is a fundamental human right, but equal access to resources and opportunities is not yet a reality for all.

Our focal points:

  • Gender Roles & Gender Stereotypes
  • Women’s History and the Women’s Rights Movement
  • Cultural Identity and Political Structures

Our local partners:

Zonta Club Essen II 

Our international partners:

Beylikduzu Social Sciences High School 





Project 2: Gender and Genre (Year 10)

(Vertiefungskurs Englisch/IB Prep Course, Year 10)

Most coming-of-age novels focus on the development of a male hero, but some present a female protagonist’s struggle for empowerment and thus a major shift in perspective which breaks away from traditionally expected patterns.

Our focal points:

  • Gender in Literature
  • Creative Writing

Local Partners:

No Fear Theatre Company

Project 3: Gender Bias

(Philosophie mit Schwerpunkt Epistemologie/Theory of Knowledge, Year 11)





How does gender bias shape our knowledge of the world? What logical fallacies are often used in debates regarding gender?

Our focal points:

  • Critical thinking
  • Independent knowledge transfer (videos on fallacious thinking)