MUN 2014 (NL)

Model UN-Goetheschule Essen

HAGAMUN 2014 in The Hague

28th March – 31st March 2014

MUN Group 2014

The Teacher’s View:

“This year’s MUN took us to the Hague in the Netherlands. It was quite a pleasant trip of only 3.5 hours so we could leave in the morning and join the committees in the early afternoon. Again the students stayed with host families, which gave them some new ideas of what a livable city like The Haag can be – beautiful buildings, quiet streets (because everyone is cycling there are hardly any cars around), 3km to the seaside, small Dutch houses but also high-rises in the centre and the parliament and palace, too.


Heated debates took place, representing four countries, two of our delegates in the Security Council.

We also had the honour to be guided through the city by Chester, learning about palaces and parliaments.


A very special occasion was to be introduced by Maggie, a former Goethestudent, to her department of International Justice at Leiden University (Den Haag campus), one of the most international fields of study at the moment.


The last point on our long list of interesting events was a visit to the ICC, the International Criminal Court where we were given a tour. We could actually watch a trial, if only for a few yet very intense minutes.

Again, this was what international learning is all about and we all had a fantastic extended weekend.”

Mr Boergen

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The Students’ View:

“I cannot remember the exact words the MUN was first described to me with, but after all I do remember my very first thought about it: “Discussions about political and economic issues with people from all around the globe? I am definitely misplaced here.” Well, now after my first MUN conference in The Hague in 2014, I can only smile at myself for being so skeptical and afraid about it.

Delegates - The Hague - 2014

First of all: Don’t worry! You have enough time to do all the research you need on the topics you are given. In my case these were “sweatshops in LEDCs, abortions after rape and a natural response plan after natural and nuclear disasters”. Not the easiest subjects for discussions as I thought, but this is exactly the reason you join with other students from all kinds of countries: To work on, discuss and improve your resolutions together. The fact that everybody represents a different country and has to incorporate its opinion on certain topics, is what makes the whole debating time in the committees even more interesting.

And if you think about it: The MUN’s purpose is to give young adults the opportunity to experience what the concept of an actual UN debate is like, and this is exactly what happens. As a delegate you achieve the possibility to be well informed about current political and economic issues, come up with your own ideas and resolutions and debate a variety of resolutions concerning one topic with other delegates.

Delegates2 - The Hague - 2014

Furthermore, an MUN is a place where several students come together and meet each other. You get to know a variety of interesting people your age from all over the world and come home with a huge amount of new friends as well as amazing new experiences!

I am extraordinarily glad that I chose to give the MUN a chance and had nothing but positive experiences. Now I am already looking forward to the MUN I am going to join next year, all excited about the topics to debate and the new people to meet.”

Delegates1 - The Hague - 2014

Anna Lowinski (middle), Delegate of Chad

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Illustration: OpenClipart, 2010

Fotos: Boergen & Heup, 2014