International Baccalaureate & Abitur

Admissions Policy

General Info

Goetheschule Essen has been a German secondary school since 1899 and an IB World School since 2007. Today, multilingualism and international education are two important keystones of the school’s academic philosophy. In Upper School we offer combined courses in Year 11 and 12, which cover the curricular requirements of both the Abitur and the International Baccalaureate, as well as separate Abitur and IB classes.

Students may choose to become

– Abitur candidates,

– Abitur & IB Diploma candidates,

– IB Course candidates.

In order to obtain the Abitur and the International Baccalaureate students should have a native speaker-like competence in German (C1), a very good English proficiency (B2), and a satisfactory knowledge of Mathematics. The recommended overall mark average in Year 10 is 2.5.

The Admissions Process

Admissions decisions are made by the IB Coordinator and the Head of School.

Step 1: Counselling Interview (February – May)

Students in Year 10 wishing to participate in the school’s international programme as an IB Diploma or Course candidate discuss their course choices with the IB Coordinator. The attendance of a parent or legal guardian during the interview is mandatory. The interview usually takes 45 min. Please bring 


Michael Franke. Email:


Step 2: Personal Statement (Submission Deadline: May 30)

Applicants write a personal statement in English in which they answer the following questions.

How will you combine Abitur and IB on the basis of our subject choices?

What are your personal strengths and weaknesses that might help or hinder your learning in the Diploma programme?

Which learning experiences or extracurricular activities have prepared you for Abitur and IB?

Why do you intend to prepare for two diplomas?

The personal statement should be submitted no later than May 30 together with a copy of your last (German) report card. If you wish, you may add certificates, letters of recommendation or other relevant material for the attention of the IB Coordinator. Please use the  Application – Cover Sheet provided.

Step 3: Interview with the Head of School (June 14)

Students discuss their personal statement with the head of school. If the entrance requirements are met, the students receive the IB application form.

Step 4: Application Form (June 14)

Students and parents return the completed application form, which specifies further details about the international programme in Year 11 and 12 and fees to be paid.

Scale of Fees

The international programme at Goetheschule Essen is funded by the country of North Rhine-Westphalia and the town of Essen and financed through course fees.

As signatories of the registration for individual IB courses, the legal guardians
commit to paying a basic fee (a), a course fee (b) and examination fees (c).

(a) Basic fee: the amount of 300 Euros each is to be paid in Year 1 and Year 2 (25 Euros per month) to inscola gGmbH. This basic fee includes various services, including
participation in the CAS programme.

(b) Course fee: the amount of 150 Euros per course is to be paid in Year 1 and 2. However, no fees are to be paid for individual IB courses in English, French or Spanish.

(c) examination fees: the examination fees are specified by the IBO.

Students who are unable to afford the tuition and examination fees are eligible to receive student aid.

Decisions about which Path to Pursue in the Programme

The international programme at Goetheschule Essen offers students a maximum of flexibility during their educational career.

Abitur & IB Diploma candidates may become IB Course candidates at the end of term 1 or 2 in Year 11.

Course candidates may turn into Diploma candidates at the end of term 1 or 2 in Year 11, provided that all Abitur and IB requirements have been met and the full diploma tuition fees are being paid without delay. Courses can be freely chosen in accordance with the students’ talents, interests and study goals.

The decision which path to take will be made in consultation with parents and teachers. At Goetheschule Essen priority is given to the Abitur, which is why a student may be advised to withdraw from the full programme and continue individual IB courses instead.

All course changes require the written consent of the IB Coordinator and the Upper School Coordinator.

Applicants from Other Schools

Applicants from other schools can be considered if they transfer to Goetheschule Essen before the start of Year 11. They may be asked to take a standardised language test. Please make an appointment with the head of school and bring

– the student’s passport or ID,

– the student’s birth certificate,

– a passport photo.

Every applicant is considered individually. In the case of learning disabilities or physical handicaps, please consult the school’s inclusion policy and discuss ways of a successful integration with the the IB Coordinator.