Module 5: WWI Art (Germany)

Transforming Europe through Artistic Visions of War and Peace

WWI was a traumatic experience that drastically changed people’s outlook on life and their artistic understanding. The painting above, titled “Gassed”, was created by the American artist John Singer Sargent in 1919 and shows a line of soldiers, apparently blinded after a poison gas attack. It is one of many pieces of art which remind us that the world has never been the same since the Great War.



Rückblick im “Turm”, Nov. 2018




Presseartikel von WAZ, NRZ und Südanzeiger



Rückblick: Foto-Workshop auf Zollverein




Erasmus Peace Monument 2018   




Rückblick auf unser Projekt  




Besuch im Käthe Kollwitz-Museum Köln



Erasmus Art Workshops




The Art of a WWI Graphic Novel




Ablauf der Erasmus-Kunstwoche 2018



Die deutsche Erasmusgruppe





Erasmus Art Workshop I – an Illustrated  Step-by-Step Guide by Dagmar Bieniek



WWI Art I Kunst im Ersten Weltkrieg (Year 9)



Art Work Inspired by Cubism (Year 10)




Nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg: Inspiration Kubismus (Jgst. 10)



Anti-War Art: Haiku Poems on Edward Kienholz’s The Portable War Memorial (Year 11)




Kunstwoche in Essen mit Schülern aus sechs Ländern



          Tasks for the Erasmus Art Club. Make your choices!




Art Work on WWI: a diorama shows the horrors of the war


Anmeldung zum Erasmus-Workshop: Der Erste Weltkrieg und die Folgen für die Kunst – WWI and its Artistic Legacy (Oktober 2017 – Januar 2018) 



World War I Diorama by Lucca Oberhößel and Christian Becker