8 Transdigital Perspectives

Transdigital Perspectives

21st – 26th May 2023, Barcelona

In November 2022 students were introduced to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). They tried out a MOOC of their choice and over a period of three months they kept a learning diary about their experiences. At the same time, teachers organised staff meetings to look into the pedagogical construction of MOOCs. On the basis of these preparations, both students and teachers designed a website for our Erasmus Plus project on Transdigital Education in May 2023 in Barcelona.

Transdigital - Education for the 21st Century




Projektrückblick in Schulzeitung “Der Turm” 2023






Erasmuswoche in Barcelona





Erasmus Preparation: Learning with MOOCs –

Zur Vorbereitung: Lernen mit MOOCs