7 Deep Reading in the Digital Age

Deep Reading encourages close, analytical reading and considers multiple perspectives and cultural diversity. Deep or slow reading is an approach most students do not actively use outside the classroom, as the Internet and social media rather encourage speed reading, skimming and scanning. Deep reading therefore stands in contrast to today’s media-driven information flood which emphasizes speed, simplicity and immediacy.

In Module 6 of our Erasmus Plus project ‘Transdigital Education’, students will study a novel and reflect on their reading strategies and the difficulties they might have to overcome in order to develop effective deep reading habits. After this, students will engage in creative writing. They will get to know various digital reading formats, such as Twitter novels, graphic novels, fan fiction or hyperpoems, and produce their own creative work, thus combining deep reading and digital reading/writing.

Project Week in Essen:

18th – 21st April 2023



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