The Power of Data – Day 2

On Wednesday, 10th April 2019, we all went to Amsterdam University College where we attended two lectures, one by well-known climate scientist Bart Verheggen, and the other by three of his distinguished colleagues from the Media Department.  Dr Verheggen and the media professors spoke to the Erasmus+ students about the misuse of statistics and the fake news about climate change.

The students were thoroughly engrossed and asked and answered questions in a very sophisticated way.  They were well prepared through the Erasmus+ activities, but also they were a self-selected group of bright, clued-in youngsters who chose to participate in this module through interest, and it showed.

This was followed by free time back in Rotterdam and then the whole group of students and teachers met at the restaurant La Pizza across from the school where they were treated to a lovely 3-course dinner.  We were joined by Deputy Principal Lani du Plessis and teacher Paul Alberts who had done the housing for the project.


Text: Carolyn McNanie

Photos: Carolyn McNanie, Sergej Vögele

Markus Spiske, Fridays for future – Digital Protest Banner on Unsplash