The Power of Data – Day 1

Erasmus Coordinator Carolyn McNanie looks back upon three days during which our Erasmus students worked on an exhibition at Rotterdam International Secondary School. 

Prior to meeting for the first time on Tuesday morning, the students had put themselves in 3 groups: Eugenics, How to Lie with Statistics and the Power of Data.  The first order of the day was to get know each other, so they played a game where they introduced each other with the use of paper airplanes – this went quite well!  After that the hosting teacher, Carolyn McNanie, used a powerpoint with examples to lead a discussion about what makes a good display.

They were also shown the display boards they would be using which could be placed in a variety of different combinations.  Now armed with the requirements for their project, the students proceeded to work all day Tuesday on the research, design and content for their chosen topics.  The exhibition was to include not only display boards but also a Prowise touchscreen where the Eugenics group displayed the Prezis they had prepared at home.  Each group also had a computer to display videos and powerpoints about their topics.

Text: Carolyn McNanie

Photos: Carolyn McNanie, Sergej Vögele, Miriam Gwisdalla