Erasmus Peace Monument 2018

From Monday, 12th March, to Friday, 16th March 2018, Erasmus students from five countries and exchange students from Portugal produced 100 plaster cubes to commemorate the end of WWI in 1918. Each cube symbolizes the destructive force of war or the hope of peace. During the project week the monument was arranged by the students in different shapes and installed in different places.

→ Peace Monument PDF picture gallery 

→ Reflections on the Peace Cubes 

→ Poems on the Peace Cubes

→ Presentation on Zollverein

After the end of the project week, some of the cubes were presented at the main entrance of Goetheschule Essen, where the red poppies cannot be missed. The peace memorial will thus be there to stay even after the project has come to an end.


1 Karmen Heup, Diary Cube, 2018

2 Karen Ronge Baktoft, Erasmus Peace Monument 2018

3-6 Karmen Heup, Goetheschule Main Entrance (plus details), 2018


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