Erasmus Art Workshops 1918/2018

Day 1 of the Erasmus Art Project Week “Transforming Europe through Artistic Visions of War and Peace” on Monday, 12th March 2018. 45 students from Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Portugal assembled in the auditorium of Goetheschule Essen. The first group photo was a particular challenge for the foreign teachers, whose German hosts brought very ‘special’ accessories for them to wear. 🙂







The Polish delegation took the joke and shot selfies for their friends back home. Well, at least the crazy Germans did not ask them to wear leather trousers or dirndls…

Afterwards, it was time to start work in the art workshops arranged by Mrs Bieniek (DE), Mrs McNanie (NL) and Mrs Pintaric (HR).

Day 2 ended with another highlight in the neighbouring town of Duisburg where the students saw one of the German Erasmus teachers, Ms Kildentoft, on stage during a performance to commemorate WWI armistice. The motto of the dance show: “War? Never again!”




1 K. Heup

2-3 B. Ostrowska

4-8 I. Pintaric



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