Erasmus Plus Project 2016 in Essen – Day 3: Teachers’ Dinner

An Erasmus Plus project is not only a great opportunity for students to work together across borders, it is also a chance for teachers to exchange experiences. On Wed, 27th 2016, twelve teachers came together in Essen-Rüttenscheid: Arie Boergen (Germany), Dr. Thomas Brückner (Germany), Gitte Dalby (Denmark), Dr. Nicola Haas (Germany), Karmen Heup (Germany), Martina Féaux de Lacroix (Germany), Ivan Lajnvas (Croatia), Nadine Lietzke-Schwerm (Gemany), Ivan Loncar (Croatia), Miłosz Mielecki (Poland), Carolyn McNanie Moschopoulos (The Netherlands) and Joanna Wróblewska (Poland).

ErasmusTeachersDinner ErasmusTeachersDinner1 ErasmusTeachersDinner2


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