Erasmus Plus Project 2016 in Essen – Day 3: Resolution on Reparations

Perfect harmony in the Erasmus Peace Conference on Wednesday, 27th January 2016: all 16 nations agree on the following resolution.

Forum: Paris Peace Conference
Committee: Reparations
Main submitter: Germany
Co-Submitters: Poland, United States of America, Japan, Great Britain, 
France, Kingdom of Croats, Serbs and Slovenes, Kingdom of Belgium, 
Republic of Austria

The Paris Peace Conference,
Noting with regret the tremendous damage suffered by all countries 
during the Great War,
Fully aware that the outbreak of war was a result of escalating tension 
between all countries,
Commending the establishment of the Paris Peace Conference 
as a basis for future peace and equality between all nations,
Hoping to build up infrastructure, trade, and economic resilience 
in all nations:
1. Demands the demilitarisation of Germany to a total of 
200,000 troops, excluding temporary, emergency situations:
with an additional 100,000 to be exclusively used for 
League of Nations peace missions;
2. Further demands the creation of an International 
Development Fund (IDF) as an organ of the League of Nations 
in order to improve economic resilience of all countries and 
promote trade and development as well as provide aid by:
a. making it mandatory for all nations of the PPC to join the IDF
b. creating a pool from annual monetary contributions made 
by member states of which the respective quotas, ranging up 
to 0.5%, will be assigned according to: 
i. Size of the economy,
ii. Economic stability,
c. Establishing a Council of IDF Member States comprised of 
representatives from each member state as well as topic experts 
on the war with the purpose of deciding the which member states
will receive financial aid and how much 
3. Urges that the Republic of Austria is to pay no less than 0.2% 
of their annual GDP for the next 5 years, followed by 0.6% for an
additional 25 years as reparations, to be given to the IDF to
help build up economic resilience and promote trade;
4. Proclaims not to punish any other nation except the ones that 
were being found mainly guilty in the resolution about war guilt
5. Affirms that Germany will relinquish all its warships to Britain 
in order to ensure future economic relations;
6. Declares that Germany to be prepared to make payments 
of up to 100 billion marks in form of resources or money to be 
paid in instalments to the IDF of:
a. 20 Billion Marks by May 1st 1926,
b. at most 1 Billion Marks for the next ten years,
c. the remaining 80 Billion Marks as instalments appropriate
for the German economy; resources such as but not limited to:
i. gold
ii. commodities
iii. securities
7. Approves that Germany and Austria in a balance of 65% 
to 35% will make up for devastation of areas in Belgium and 
Northern France through payments of:
a. 20 million tonnes of coal annually for the next seven years 
to France
b. Payment of benzoyl, coal tar, sulphate of ammonia, 
dyestuffs and medicines to countries such as France, Belgium, 
Italy, Kingdom of Croats, Serbs and Slovenes and
8. Offers German freighter space as part of payments and the 
use of German ship yards for the creation of further ships
for appropriate countries;
9. Emphasizes the replacement of river boats destroyed 
during the war in Belgium and Northern France 
by Germanys own river crafts. 

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