Erasmus Plus Project 2016 in Essen – Day 3: Visiting the Krupp Mansion


The Krupp Company in Essen was a major weapons manufacturer before and during WWI. The Erasmus Plus students, working on WWI and its Consequences 1918-2018, therefore visited the Krupp mansion (Villa Hügel) and the company museum on Wed, 27th January 2016. As one of the Croatian teachers put it: It is interesting to see a place one knows from history books.


Erasmus Plus Project 2016 in Essen – Day 2: Reception at the Town Hall

Essen’s Second Mayor, Franz-Josef Britz, met Erasmus Plus students from Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Poland and The Netherlands on the 22nd floor of Essen town hall on Tuesday, 26th January 2017.


Foto: Peter Prengel, Stadt Essen

The mayor explaind about the history of the town and its current economic situation and answered the students’ questions.


Afterwards, the students continued their Erasmus Peace Conference in the town hall, sitting in the seats of the councillors.




Erasmus Plus Project 2016 in Essen – Day 2: Exploring the City

What do TRANS-EU Erasmus Plus students do when they visit Essen in January?

EssenCityCentreThey dance, …


(if it doesn’t look like dancing, it must be the free style part) 🙂

they skate,  ….


they watch the Conference Director and First President skate, ….



they visit the Old Synagogue, …

and continue their work in the conference room of Essen town hall.


What is it they don’t do? They don’t have time to be bored!

Erasmus Plus Project 2016 in Essen – Day 2: Debate on Reparations

What alternative solutions could the Paris Peace Conference have found in 1919? Erasmus Plus students adopted the roles of conference delegates and worked out their own resolution concerning REPARATIONS on Tuesday, 26th, and Wednesday, 27th of January 2016. As you may notice, the students decided that the defeated German Empire should also have a say in the peace negotiations.


Tuesday, 26 January 2016 - Debate Minutes

15:45 Opening speeches by the USA, Germany, Poland, Russia and others
on the topic of war reparations.
15:10 Germany offers to reduce its forces to 100,000 men
(except in times of crisis) and to pay 30 billion marks 
as reparations. 
15:30 Unmoderated caucus
17:00 Conference end

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 - Debate Minutes

 08:15 The second President takes the roll call.
 08:15 The first President is twenty seconds late.
 08:20 Unmoderated caucus.
 09:02 Unmoderated caucus ended.
 09:03 Punishment - Germany has to sing 
 "I´m too sexy"
 09:05 Next punishment! The president has to sing 
 "I´m sexy and I know it".
 09:17 Germany submits a resolution in which Germany 
 demands the  demilitarisation of Germany to a total of 
 200,000 troops and additional  100,000 troops for 
 League of Nations peace missions.
 09:18 Almost everybody agrees with the resolution of Germany.
 09:22 Unmoderated caucus.
 09:32 Unmoderated caucus ended.
 09:38 Open Debate
 09:55 The Conference leaves for Villa Hügel, the Krupp Mansion.
 13:30 Back from the Villa. Taking roll call.
 13:34 Canada speaking.
 13:50 Problems at the votes (8:8)
 14:07 The most abstensions in a vote: 11
 14:15 A new motion has been created: "Motion to share waffles."
 14:19 Russia's amendment fails.
 14:27 Unmoderated caucus.
 14:48 Russia finds out that many other nations would have supported 
  its amendment but "they weren't listening" when Russia presented it.
 14:57 Unmoderated caucus ends.
 15:35 Amendments...
 16:08 The Resolution has passed with the perfect majority of 16:0:0 - 
  clapping is definitely in order!!!
 16:11 The delegate of Poland wants to be
  in both councils at the same time. 
  The President reminds him that it is still 
  not possible to clone a person.
 16:12 Unmoderated caucus - Territorial conflicts. 
  Tomorrow the conference will be divided into two councils, 
  each for different territorial conflicts.
  17:00 Conference end

Source: Arie Boergen, Conference Website

Erasmus Explorer – a WWI Project Magazine

Read more about Transforming the Map of Europe during and after WWI, the first Erasmus Plus project module at Goetheschule Essen 2015/16, in our Erasmus Explorer, the school’s news magazine.

Erasmus Explorer Issue 1 I Ausgabe 1:











Erasmus Explorer Issue 2 I Ausgabe 2:











The Erasmus Explorer Press Team, Editorial Meeting, 28th Jan. 2016