Module 3: WWI Science & Technology (The Netherlands)

Transforming Europe through the Continuing Impact of Technological and Scientific Developments during WWI

Erasmus Yperngruppe 2017




Module 3 Prep:  General Info & Registration Details


Gas Mask


Module 3 Prep: WWI Project in the Netherlands in March 2017




Module 3: Erasmus Week in Rotterdam (Schedule)


GasMask Flanders Fields Museum-Detail


Module 3: Filming in Ypres (Belgium) on 6th March 2017


Canda Soldatendenkmal Detail1


Module 3: Filming in Flanders (Belgium) on 7th March 2017


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Module 3: Making an Erasmus Documentary on 8th March 2017



Module 3: Erasmus Students at the Erasmus Bridge on 9th March 



  Artikel von Kim Obermayer, Jgst. 12 in “Der Turm” (Schülerzeitung)




Module 3: Presenting a WWI Documentary on 10th March

Watch the full video produced by all partner schools in the Netherlands and released in Poland.



Foto: Michael Franke, 2017


Shutter Silhouette Icon 6, OpenClipart, 2016

Adam Stanislav, A 35 mm film frame. OpenClipart, 2016.