First Transnational Erasmus Plus Project Meeting in Poland 2015



Teachers from five different countries came together in Lublin in October 2015 during the first transnational Erasmus Plus project meeting.

Here is another quick glimpse on what has been going on lately behind the scenes of TRANSFORMING EUROPE. The 3-year Erasmus Plus project, which started in September 2015 in Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands, is now taking shape in all countries involved. Erasmus coordinators and teachers met in Lublin, Poland, where they were welcomed at Paderewski International School. From October 29th to 30th 2015 Ivan Loncar and Ivan Lajnvas (Croatia), Karen Ronge Baktoft and Jytte Buttgereit (Denmark), Karmen Heup and Arie Boergen (Germany), Carolyn McNanie Moschopoulos (The Netherlands) and Basia Ostrowska (Poland) revised the project schedule, compiled a list of general agreements for future collaboration and prepared the first Erasmus student week (Module 1) which will take place in Germany in January 2016.

TransnationalMeeting1Schedule2015TransnationalMeeting1LublinJewishQuartersMiniTransnationalMeeting1LublinJewishQuarters1MiniLublin is an old town with beautiful Renaissance buildings and a long Jewish history. The street lamp near the castle burns night and day in commemoration of the Jewish quarter, which was completely destroyed when the Nazis took over during WWII. 


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